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I'm Michaela. This is my place for my writings, my home, my thrift shop finds, and whatever inspires me.

What I want if I'd buy a house #2

In Switzerland the rental apartments already are equipped with kitchens. Unlike in Germany. In Germany the people buy their kitchens by themselves and move with them from apartment to apartment. If the kitchen fits in the room. I like to browse real estates websites just to get some inside views in apartments even […]

Dialogue #11

Three Wise Monkeys

S: I’ve read in a forum that women want to change their men. Am I one of these women? Am I trying to change you?

H: Nooo, not you..

S: Sometimes, I think sometimes.. You must defend yourself if I was exaggerating!

H: Do I have to?

S: They say the man would loose his […]

What I want if I'd buy a house #1

First question in my first post of a series: why on earth should I buy a house? The answer to this question is not that simple. I remember 15 years ago when friends and family members started doing the same. They married, bought a house and, of course what else, became parents. Without […]

This week #1

Three Wise Monkeys

This week I enjoyed watching the movie The  Switch. It’s not only that Jennifer Aniston plays wonderfully out the stigma she got from some people because her husband left her and got a bunch of kids with another woman. It’s also the great acting of […]

Dialogue #10

Three Wise Monkeys

It is a magnificent piece of furniture. Tenderly she touches the beautiful crafted wood. She wants to own this fine furniture but knows well he wouldn’t help her. She can almost hear him saying that they do not need any further furniture. But if she wants it […]

Dialogue #9

Three Wise Monkeys

S: I don’t like anymore our book case. I’m sick of it. And somehow it doesn’t fit here. What do you think?

H: I think it sounds like hard work. Reason enough to change anything.

S: You’re the man in the house. It’s your job to carry heavy objects.

H: In principle […]