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In flux

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The letters follow words. The words follow sentences. The sentences follow sections. And then, sometime, the image is created. But before the first letter, before the first sentence, before above all, there is the imagination. The world of ideas of its creator sometimes more is like a flow of stagnation. But if there are no insecurity, no self-doubt and no dullness the way is paved to put together the fragments to a picture. Similar to a director who captures scenes with a camera the writer maintains scenes with words. And when the picture slowly takes shape then also the happiness increases.

With open eyes

Friday, August 6th, 2010

She pushes the doors wide open. And steps out of the darkness to enter a room filled with perception. Shortly after she can hear the doors behind her slamming and rattling. She remains unaffected and shakes off the dullness and can feel almost immediately the difference. Facilitating envelopes her like a coat that warms her with regained confidence. Her blindness is gone. She can see again. With her eyes wide open she perceives more than just what happens in front of the tip of her nose. Her view is not anymore restricted. She feels like going on a rainbow. Wherever she looks, she will see colours.

Unexpected and welcome

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

There are things happening in life. As surprising changes no one expects. Not because one would not dare to hope. Simply because, yes, simply because she had not the faintest idea that this even could be a possibility. But it occurred to her. It took place two days ago. On the street she meets by chance a relative. He is only a few years older. She is impressed. He looks like his father. Moves like his father. Apparently he has the same habit too. Like his father, he likes to adjust his waistband. He really is a nice guy.


Well blow me down

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Monkeys. Evolution. Separation from humans of apes. Believers have a different view. That’s OK. Monkeys are being held. Held by modern man. Believers and non believers keep monkeys in cages. They abuse them. They torture them. And at last they kill them. If the poor animals haven’t already died from the effects of animal testing. The lucky among them may still live in their natural habitat. While the less blessed may serve their time in zoos. Which of course is equal to a lottery prize compared to the ones who are doomed to live in a laboratory. Some of them are shown on TV. On this occasion she can watch how the monkeys socialize. They groom each other. Intrigued and entranced she is watching them delouse one another. These animals understand how to maintain family ties. She wants to take care of family ties too. Maybe by asking: “may I delouse you”? Well, perhaps better not. She could try it different. How about “may I do your nails”? She has popped that question. And you know what? It felt so good!

Full of surprises

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

“What is this cord for”, she asks while pointing with the finger to the bed. She feels uncomfortable. The whole room seems strange to her. When she hears him laugh she turns to the bathroom. It’s a huge room. Too big for a tourist class hotel when it comes to her experience. A further glimpse to the low-mounted sink reveals what she doesn’t want to admit. But he already speaks out the inevitable. And he obviously enjoys the situation. “They gave us a room for disabled”. She sinks on the bed after she pushed the cord for the emergency call at a safe distance to the side. “It feels like in a hospital”, she complains. His grin is even bigger. “I think, I don’t like you anymore”, she nags knowing he couldn’t less care. “But you know what?” She suddenly jumps at him rolling her eyes and making funny noise. “Gladly our bodies are intact but here”, she repeatedly points her finger to her temple, “here”, and looks at him meaningfully. Shortly after they leave laughing and hand in hand the hotel. Their first aim of this day: Fatboy’s Diner at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Walking distance on this day: 30 km. London by foot? Wonderful!

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Faces in the staircase

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

08:55 am. The sound of the ringing church bells floats over the rooftops of the city and sometimes wanders through open kitchen windows into apartments. 09:00 am. The volume has increased to its highlight and competes with the chirping of birds. No curtain adorns the kitchen window thus the gentle breeze slides over the leaves of a poor poinsettia. The plant still manages to keep alive by resisting the bad treatment through the owner. It’s a morning like any other. On the surface! But there is more. She is alone in the apartment and resolves to do some homework. Surrounded by a feeling she can’t put into words she enters the staircase with the dirty laundry. The fine fragrance of her neighbours perfume still lies in the air and flatters her sense of smell when she realizes she is wrong when thinking being alone. They are looking at her! Silent. And she stares back. Overcome by awe of this wonderful shadow play on the wall.