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Middle finger

Monday, June 7th, 2010

This is not about a lamp. This is about compromises. Justice and giving pleasure too. And just as it is about an unpicturesque perspective. But above all it is about a story. A story that must be told. Therefore, from the beginning. One day, she doesn’t remember if it’s been a sunny day. Neither she does remember if it’s been warm or cold outside. But probably it was cold at that time. Anyway, the only thing she still knows is the moment when she snuck up from behind him. It’s a typical scene. He is concentrated on something he sees on the monitor. To focused when it comes to her. Because she wants his attention she wants to do what she loves to do. It’s not fair maybe it’s even childish. But she loves to frighten him. An average medium breathy “Puh” in his ear should be enough to get the eagerly desired attention. The mouth already close to his left ear she catches a glimpse on the monitor. And what she sees there changes everything.

She can not believe her eyes. But a further glance in his face tells the truth. Not only the truth but the bitterly truth. He likes it. He wants it. That’s why she recapitulates. If he can live with all the old and smelly furniture then she can live with Johnny Cash giving his finger!

On a good neighborhood

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Later that day she would give a neighbor a rose. But right now she pushes her new treasure back home. The wheels of the trolley are causing noise on the pavement. And with the wheels on cobblestones, it gets worse. Still, she has one mile to go. One mile which she walks light footed despite appendage. After walking upstream and crossing the bridge she reaches the city center. Accompanied by the warm sun and the refreshing and spring smelling air she parks the borrowed trolley in front of her house. Her neighbor is already waiting for her. As agreed in advance. But the two women struggle with the door which will not remain open. Suddenly another resident comes downstairs. He wants to keep the front door open. But then without warning he heaves the heavy piece of furniture on his right shoulder and climbs the stair. And even though he had just spoken of his injured elbow! In the evening after work she lays back looking with joy at her new treasure, thinking thankfully of her neighbors which are very important for her well-being.

Patience brings flowers

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

She can wait. Patiently and with confidence. To enforce and at any cost isn’t what she believes in. The price usually is much too high. And longanimity can bring many advantages. Pleasant anticipation is one of them just to name one. Kind of appetizer before main course. But nothing beats the uncertainty. Many sometimes strong emotions come with the dubiety. And when the time has come and uncertainty resolves in certainty she knows the confidence pays off. When she finally finds the bowl she has been looking and waiting for she enjoys her thrifty find even more than usual. But above all she sees in this last experience the confirmation that patience and confidence are truly powerful tools in life.

Matter of taste

Friday, May 21st, 2010

She listens to the sound of the violin playing and thinks about tastes. She likes this street musician. He plays his musical instrument very gently without aggressive undertone. But her favourite busker plays in the evening til late night. The beautiful sound of his accordion floats up to her apartment. So quit that it is even romantic. And when she lies in her bed she can hear the owl that lives in her backyard. Last night her sweetheart actually could see the owl flying probably hunting some mice or the like. And this makes her jealous. Very jealous. However. Tastes can change. Tastes do change. But after years of living in the middle of the city she still loves it.

Love is

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Love is when he lives with furniture and gadgets which he would never have bought by himself. Love is when he lives surrounded by dusty and old things with sign of wear which sometimes smell of Grandma’s closet, even though he prefers it new and odorless. Love is when he says he likes it just to make her happy. Love is…

Movie talk

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

She loves sleeping. If she wants to she can fall asleep not only wherever but also whenever. Any time she wants to dive into a calm and noiseless place only filled with dreams. The dreams she doesn’t need necessarily but since she has no idea how to switch them off she accepts the fact of the sometimes very exhausting dreaming. But what she loves most is to drift off in front of the television.

He hates it. He can’t stand it if she falls asleep while they are watching a movie. He wants her company. Because he wants to share his impressions. He wants to talk about what he sees. And she feels very flattered about this. When she can manage to stay awake just rubbing her feet on his then she enjoys this exchange very much. They talk about plausible motives, riddle what could be going on next and share their views on the acting abilities. So whenever she can keep her eyes open she celebrates their home movie sessions because he is the only person she knows who isn’t bothered, when she speaks while watching TV. With one exception. And then it means ban of speaking. One word: House!