Swan neck and shrinkage lack

I love every day. Yesterday wasn’t an exception. Yesterday really has been good to me. First I found on the Internet a solution to fix our camera. Really, but I was surprised by myself. A huge success. I was researching by looking for the error message. And I couldn’t believe it but I found a forum only for this kind of error message related to our camera model. And the solution: give the camera to your strong men, which shouldn’t be careful with it, in the contrary, a rough handling is needed. After my friend shook and hit the camera several times the zoom lens was expendable again and the error message was gone.

And with our repaired camera I can take pictures from my yesterday finds. When I saw the two lamps, probably both from the 60s, my endorphin level raised. Two lovely vintage pieces. Just an eye candy, the desk lamp with its metallic colour and elegant swan neck with a brown shrinkage lack food. The wall lamp, which was used in the past as an outdoor light, what you could see on the residues of dead moths, is although stunningly beautiful.




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