Green Peacock Swag Pendant

At my next collage everything is about a lamp. More precisely it is about the Green Peacock Swag Pendant. I’ve fallen in love with this lamp. Probably because lately I like very much the motif of the peacock. And of course not to forget my fable for the colour green. Normally I’m not that much into dark wood furniture. But I think for my latest arrangement wouldn’t be a better choice than this console table. Somehow all items complement each other wonderfully. And then there is still the white Eames chair which provides some lightness and a touch of modernity.

Inspiration Collage 7

Inspiration Collage 11

1. Lille Console Table, John Lewis 2. Blueprint Collection Wallpaper, Signature Prints 3. Boreas by John Waterhouse, Art 4. Green Peacock Swag Pendant, Lamps Plus 5. Decorative Candle Sconces, Easterncorner 6. Eames Side Chair, John Lewis 1. Image St. Bartholomew’s Church by Maxim Velcovsky via Dezeen 2. Image Functional Living by Hotze Eisma

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