Hollywood starlet

Maybe it’s not Hollywood. But somewhere. Maybe it’s not a starlet. But a star. Getting a bit long in the tooth. But still in very good condition. Hot and endless desired. And still increasing in value. Vintage items of all kinds make hearts beat faster. Some of the collectors may break out in sweat when they look at the vintage and antique furniture from 1stdibs and its exhibitors. At least this has occurred to me. The inspiration for my Hollywood starlet collection I’ve got through the pictures from Solanacee.

Inspiration Collage 9Solanacee 3

1. Neoclassical Style Gilt Metal Tables, Monument 2. Vintage Murano Table Lamps in Baby Blue Pulegoso Net Pattern, Swang Lighting 3. Crystal Sputnik Chandelier, Emmerson Troop Inc 4. Original poster, Mary Ann Lembko 5. Outdoor Chair & Ottoman by Emmerson, Emmerson Troop Inc 6. Italian Floor Lamp, Emmerson Toop Inc 7. Images by Solanacee


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