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I'm Michaela. This is my place for my writings, my home, my thrift shop finds, and whatever inspires me.

On a good neighborhood

Later that day she would give a neighbor a rose. But right now she pushes her new treasure back home. The wheels of the trolley are causing noise on the pavement. And with the wheels on cobblestones, it gets worse. Still, she has one mile to go. One mile which she walks light footed despite appendage. After walking upstream and crossing the bridge she reaches the city center. Accompanied by the warm sun and the refreshing and spring smelling air she parks the borrowed trolley in front of her house. Her neighbor is already waiting for her. As agreed in advance. But the two women struggle with the door which will not remain open. Suddenly another resident comes downstairs. He wants to keep the front door open. But then without warning he heaves the heavy piece of furniture on his right shoulder and climbs the stair. And even though he had just spoken of his injured elbow! In the evening after work she lays back looking with joy at her new treasure, thinking thankfully of her neighbors which are very important for her well-being.

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