Well blow me down

Monkeys. Evolution. Separation from humans of apes. Believers have a different view. That’s OK. Monkeys are being held. Held by modern man. Believers and non believers keep monkeys in cages. They abuse them. They torture them. And at last they kill them. If the poor animals haven’t already died from the effects of animal testing. The lucky among them may still live in their natural habitat. While the less blessed may serve their time in zoos. Which of course is equal to a lottery prize compared to the ones who are doomed to live in a laboratory. Some of them are shown on TV. On this occasion she can watch how the monkeys socialize. They groom each other. Intrigued and entranced she is watching them delouse one another. These animals understand how to maintain family ties. She wants to take care of family ties too. Maybe by asking: “may I delouse you”? Well, perhaps better not. She could try it different. How about “may I do your nails”? She has popped that question. And you know what? It felt so good!

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2 Responses to “Well blow me down”

  1. Susannah says:

    A wise post Michaela, that bought so many emotions to me! First outrage and sadness for the animal testing, then laughter for “may I delouse you” and finally admiration for the wisdom of “these animals understand how to maintain family ties” – such a lovely post, nice photo too.

  2. Michaela says:

    Hello Susannah, it’s nice to see you! And I’m glad you like the writing. Only to think about to ask someone “may I delouse you” amuses me everytime again. The facial expression of the person who got asked.. What a wonderful thought or picture 🙂

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