Unexpected and welcome

There are things happening in life. As surprising changes no one expects. Not because one would not dare to hope. Simply because, yes, simply because she had not the faintest idea that this even could be a possibility. But it occurred to her. It took place two days ago. On the street she meets by chance a relative. He is only a few years older. She is impressed. He looks like his father. Moves like his father. Apparently he has the same habit too. Like his father, he likes to adjust his waistband. He really is a nice guy.

He asks what she’s doing. Wants to know about her professional as well about her private life. Polite questions. Just small talk. Out of respect she doesn’t want him to ask the same questions. She knows a little about his life and thinks that he might not want to talk about. But he is quite curious. That’s why she changes her mind. And the answers she gets just blow her away. The sky is blue, the grass is green and the sun is shining all the time. That’s what it sounds like.  Kind of praise. First she is shocked. But then the scales fall from her eyes. She remembers on happenings many years ago. Then when she was still a child. Then when her relative was a child too. Opposite to her he was the toddler of a popular and always welcome family. He was surrounded by helpfulness, provident and understanding. Features, that weren’t obviously present in her family. Her parents have fought too much. And what she has done then? As a child? She made comparisons. And, of course, came off badly. With the result that she thought something is wrong with her. But right know looking and listening to him. Not as a child. But as an adult. She sees what she wasn’t able to back then. Her family could not maintain the facade to the outside. Everyone could see their problems. And that has made them vulnerable. As she says goodbye to her relative to go her way she looks up to the sky. And sees dark clouds. It’s going to rain. She likes what she sees. She prefers to see the reality. Even if there are some dark clouds.

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2 Responses to “Unexpected and welcome”

  1. NiceArtLife says:

    Captivating story Michaela, this happens to many of us and to me too some years ago. Can be a difficult situation. Well written!

  2. Michaela says:

    Thank you NiceArtLife for your sympathy and nice words!

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