One of my passions

The wall-hung cabinet seems not to be popular anymore. You can hardly find these kind of furniture. There are some models on the market but mostly big ones. So let me tell you about one of my furniture passions. When I glimpse on my find tours a small wall-hung cabinet my heartbeat starts going faster. And for many years this has happened only two times! Of course I have bought both finds. I love these kind of furniture because it looks so elegant, doesn’t need lots of space but gives you storage space. We use both pieces of furniture in our entry. Our entrance is a narrow room with high ceilings which only looks good with small furniture. My friend and I like to empty our pockets and to put away the small change when we come home. And therefore the drawer of the wall-hung cabinet is excellent. Furthermore the storage is a nice supplement for the future wall decoration. Which includes amongst other things the wall-lamp, when the remodeling is done.

About the kind of the wall decoration I’m not sure yet. Sometimes I think the style of the roaring twenties would be great. The only thing I know is that the decoration pieces should not be heavy and dark. The furniture with its solid wood needs bright and light things and perhaps even a playful decoration. Everything is open. But I’m sure the search is going to be fun.






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  1. Hello Michaela,

    I enjoy watching your site with all the wonderful decoration styles and ideas. Your site opens a new world for me, it’s like a child in a candy store. I love these wall-hung cabinets too, very stylish!


  2. Michaela says:

    Thank you! It’s nice to know, that also others like the wall-hung cabinet furniture.

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