Dialogue #8 and dancing on a rainbow

Three Wise Monkeys

H: Which tram goes to Kaserne?

S: I thought we would walk?

H: Would we?

S: It’s a short distance but alright for a nice walk.

H: Do you want to walk?

S: Yes!

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3 Responses to “Dialogue #8 and dancing on a rainbow”

  1. Susannah says:

    What a wonderfully atmospheric and magical photo!

    I enjoy ‘listening in’ on your conversations too. 😉

    Have a wonderfuk week.

  2. Michaela says:

    Hello Susannah, I took the picture during our hiking holiday on the island La Palma. I really want to go there again.

  3. NiceArtLife says:

    This dialogue shows that men and women come from different planets with different languages 😉
    What a spectacular photo, like paradise!

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