What I want if I’d buy a house #1

First question in my first post of a series: why on earth should I buy a house? The answer to this question is not that simple. I remember 15 years ago when friends and family members started doing the same. They married, bought a house and, of course what else, became parents. Without exception they did all the same. Well, there was one exception. Me! Neither did I get married, didn’t buy a house nor did I become a mother. But the situation brought up one essential question. What is wrong with me? It took me quite a long time until I knew only because I don’t have the same needs doesn’t mean something is wrong with me. So it came that I went my very own way without a man, from whom I couldn’t think of the future father of my children. And I didn’t want to live in a house, having a family, but being emotionally very unhappy. And today? What has changed? The people around me started again buying houses! But compared to the past these people are not that young any more. They have worked many years. They have saved their money and now they want to settle down. And what about me? I’m still on my very own way. But I’m not alone anymore. I’m in love with a man who accompanies me on my journey. And in return he takes me on his’. And I think here can be found the answer to the question ‘why on earth should I buy a house’. Because I feel emotionally happy.

But before I’ll buy a house I want to live out step one. Dreaming. I want to dream about things like how should it look like? What kitchen would I like to have? What color should have the bathroom tiles? What about the floor? Wood or stone? Oh boy, so many questions. Since I’m not that much interested in heating systems, isolation and stuff like that I’m going to start with the interior decoration.

I’m totally in love with lamps. And that’s why the first thing I want is a lamp. What else! Since in the phase of dreaming money doesn’t matter I want a lamp by Lindsey Adelman Studio! They produce stunning lamps. All handmade by themselves. No mass products.


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  1. Susannah says:

    Ah, the dreaming! that is where the fun is. 🙂

    I too dream of my own perfect house and love to think how it will look and imagine the interior design.

    Those lamps are beautiful and I am so happy that you have a man you love and are dreaming of the future…and lamps. 😉

    Wishing you and your lovely man joyfull seasons greetings! May your time be filled with peace, love and much joy! x

  2. NiceArtLife says:

    Interesting thoughts dear Michaela. Recently I’m meditating about following others in their decisions. I bought a house too some years ago but now I would like to be free and change homes more easy (renting them). But it’s difficult to sell your house nowadays so that freedom unfortunately doesn’t exist. Well I learned to be happy in and satisfied in each place and make the best out of it. For me that is another, more different way to dream about the future. Interesting, your article again makes me think!
    Dear Michaela, I wish you a Merry Christmas with happiness, peace, love and understanding! Big hug!


  3. Michaela says:

    Dear Jürgen, I too like meditating but I’m not that good in it. I like very much switching between tension and relaxation while practicing Yoga. What do you mean with following others in their decision? Is it about acceptance or trust?

  4. Michaela says:

    Thank you Susannah, for your nice wishes. I’m looking forward to meet you again in 2011:-)

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