Just a chair

This post’s title should have read “Red Alert”. But then I changed my mind. Not only about the title but also about the remodelling. A couple of weeks ago one of my finds was a chair. One of those classical wooden chairs I have been looking for a quit long time. We’ve had the idea to put a chair next to our Cees Braakman storage in our bedroom. On this chair we want to put the clothes we’ve been wearing during the day. I have always wanted a red chair. But when I saw the Basel Chair of Jasper Morrison I decided only to paint some parts of our classy piece. Another reason not to paint the hole chair is found in my bad conscience. Somehow it did not feel right to cover it up completely. Ah, and I have chosen “Just a chair” as title because I think it is anything but just a chair, which I needed time to find. This chair is an old furniture and who knows who else has been sitting on it. Absolutely happy I’m about the felt foot protection with nails which you can hammer in the wood (felt foot protection and gloss paint Tango are from OBI).






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