Dialogue #11

Three Wise Monkeys

S: I’ve read in a forum that women want to change their men. Am I one of these women? Am I trying to change you?

H: Nooo, not you..

S: Sometimes, I think sometimes.. You must defend yourself if I was exaggerating!

H: Do I have to?

S: They say the man would loose his appeal. I don’t want you to loose your attraction. That’s why you must stay strong.

H: But I answer back. Don’t I?

S: Do you?

H: I never switch off the bathroom light even though you hate this behavior!

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One Response to “Dialogue #11”

  1. NiceArtLife says:

    He doesn’t understand her message, he’s living in a different world with other concepts and understandings. Great to see this difference between both of them. He thinks that refusing to switch off the light is the strength she wants to see in him 😉
    Great post, all the best wishes for you this new year. Love, strength, creativity and good health for you!

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