What I want if I’d buy a house #2

In Switzerland the rental apartments already are equipped with kitchens. Unlike in Germany. In Germany the people buy their kitchens by themselves and move with them from apartment to apartment. If the kitchen fits in the room. I like to browse real estates websites just to get some inside views in apartments even if I’m not planning to move. This way I get not only a peek into the rooms I also can see how the flats in my neighborhood look from inside. I give special attention to kitchens when doing this because besides the bathroom the kitchen enjoys the same importance for me. There are many apartments which still are equipped with old and worn kitchens. But that doesn’t show in the rent. Striking is also that many homes have installed the same type . As well as mine. I wouldn’t bother to move and to get the same model. It’s timeless and nice to look at. But what I don’t like in general are many cabinets. It looks  overloaded. Often the room seems vanishingly small. But what would I want if I’d buy a house? Probably I would be swamped about the huge selection. And therefore needed time to learn what would be important for me. But one thing I already do know. I don’t want a room which is filled with cabinets over cabinets. It would kill me. Nothing against cabinets. But the standard cupboard really can be boring. So what could be a solution? Sufficient storage space, maybe a little color but no standard? Right, it’s the refrigerator! Well, of course not for holding the cups but for the fresh food. If I’d buy a house I would buy a Smeg refrigerator.

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