Hello and Welcome

I'm Michaela. This is my place for my writings, my home, my thrift shop finds, and whatever inspires me.

Dialogue #8 and dancing on a rainbow

Three Wise Monkeys

H: Which tram goes to Kaserne?

S: I thought we would walk?

H: Would we?

S: It’s a short distance but alright for a nice walk.

H: Do you want to walk?

S: Yes!

With open eyes

She pushes the doors wide open. And steps out of the darkness to enter a room filled with perception. Shortly after she can hear the doors behind her slamming and rattling. She remains unaffected and shakes off the dullness and can feel almost immediately the difference. Facilitating envelopes her like a […]

Cherry tree bloom

Still waiting for spring

Photographic Eye

Me. My friend. Camera Sigma dp-2. My friends photographic eye. No flash. Long exposure time. New impressions. Known rediscover. Creative transformation.

1. Philippe Starck for Kartell Eros Chair, Black, John Lewis 2. Burkhard Dämmer Icon Lamp, Bonluxat 3. Summer Evening by Edward […]

The dancer

Today my inspiration comes from a ballet and fitness studio. The owner is a former professional ballet dancer who has worked among others with the choreographer Heinz Spoerli and has had also engagements at the Münchner Staatstheater. She is a friend who I think is remarkable because of her integrity and perseverance. If […]