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The Atelier

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Atelier 1

Before our Tunisian holiday we were invited by my friends sister and her future husband to spend an evening together. They surprised us with a delicious dinner which was followed by seeing a movie. We stayed at the atelier which is rented from my friends soon to be brother in law, a young artist. It was the first time for me being there. I was completely overwhelmed. I like places like this one very much. It started with the entering into the old house which used to be an administration building. While going upstairs and being wondering what would come next, I could smell the typically odour of older houses. The much-used wood of the stairs moaned with every step. The flat on the top floor, which is used as an atelier, has cast its spell on me immediately. So I new, this evening is going to be great.

As furniture they use a mixture of everything. Some of them they have found on the flea market, however they have stumbled against others on the street. In this way they have found some design classics, for which they had to pay almost nothing. As for example the Chair 72 by Eero Saarinen like the Chair 1-380 by Horgenglarus, which they have sawed off the legs. What comes close to a sacrilege. But this is another story. Anyway I’m a little jealous on these great pieces. While the bag of potato chips made the rounds we were watching the French movie J’ai toujours revé d’être an gangster. But you know what? The best thing about this evening were the happy looking eyes of my future sister in law when she listened to the song Casey’s last ride from Kris Kristofferson.

Atelier 2

Inspiration Collage 8

1. Person at the window by Salvator Dali, World Galery 2. Chair 1-380, Horgenglarus 3. Chair 72 by Eero Saarinen, Markanto 4. Pier Vittorio Prevedello Benny Armchair, Bonluxat 5. LYCKSELE MURBO, IKEA 6. Forecast Embarcadero Satin Nickel Four Light Chandelier, Lamps Plus 7. Lightweight, super bright, microportable projector, Epson 8. Movie poster J’ai toujours revé d’être an gangster, OutNow

Wondrous world

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

With this post I’m opening my new category “Simply remarkable”. There are so many talents out there being creative and making things, which I like and whereof I think “simply remarkable”. And if someone or something strikes me in that way, I want to write about it. So I have decided to dedicate them an own category. Of course I do not claim, that I had discovered them, or so, but maybe I can infect you with my enthusiasm.

And now I have the pleasure to introduce you Nadja Peiffer and some of her works. A young textile designer, a compatriot of mine, who has her own Studio Miracless design in Basel.


Nadja, who likes to immerse herself into a world of imagination, when she gets inspired, creates lovely fantasy-creatures. And really, I can not resist to her playful design. In fact, it makes me smile.

She started selling some of her cheerful animal designs. All of her hand-made products you can find here. If you are interested in further works of her, you can contact her trough Miracless design.

Illustrations 2

Illustrations 3

Wrapping paper

More than furniture

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

First of all, I must confess that I never really liked Möbel Pfister. Mainly because their establishment in our town is terrible. They own a huge presentation and sales area, which is stuffed with a very large range and the furniture sometimes is exhibited in a very dull arrangement. And in addition to this, the adjustment of the rooms makes the tour not easier.

But enough blasphemed. Why do I post actually about this company if I don’t like them? There are several reasons. Firstly, they deserve my respect because they’ve been able to celebrate its 125th anniversary. Furthermore, because they offer a mix between known and unknown brands and also some rarities, appropriate for every budget. And then of course there is the service, which I have in good memories.

Thanks to my neighbours I remembered Möbel Pfister again. They own for 30 years a bookshelf from this company, what they told me when I have been doing my post Neighbour’s library. And so it came, that I surfed around in their online shop. And what I found thereby let’s me think, that they deserve another chance. But see yourself. I have put together a few items from their online shop.


Marimekko Mug



China Minikomode gelb


Marimekko Tray


China Minikomode


Bookshelf Rainbow, Marimekko Mug, Bookshelf Basic, Buddha, China Chest of drawers, LIZI Lamp, Marimekko Tray, Brixton Lamp, China Chest of drawers, TILT Lamp


Friday, September 25th, 2009

In the German language, we use the saying “da steckt der Wurm drin” (Wurm means worm) which means as much as there is something wrong (“there is a jinx on it”). But with the bookshelf Bookworm from Ron Arad everything is perfectly ok. I think it is a great idea, as he has implemented the concept bookworm to a bookshelf. I mean, why always use the traditional design for a bookshelf?

Library 8

1. Oslo Mini Light Pendant, Pendant Lights Online 2. Eileen Grey Adjustable Side Table, evincodesign 3. Marek Tableware, LSA International 4. VIP Bodenvase, Möbel Pfister 5. Downtown Sofa, Pascal Mourgue, Ligne Roset 6. Bookworm, Ron Arad, Preisroboter 7. Morning Stillness by David Marty, PosterUnlimited 9. Spun Light by Sebastian Wrong, Bonluxat

Even though the designer itself, Ron Arad, lives with his own design. Don’t you also think this is great, the way he lives with it? I’m excited about it.


Both images are from the book London Living by Lisa Lovatt-Smith, amazon.

The bookshelf Bookworm is produced in different sizes and colours.


Image: Designistdreams, Flickr

The adjustable Downtown sofa from Pascal Mourgue for Ligne Roset is available in various designs.




Neighbour’s library

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Come with me. Follow me downstairs. Together we enter the home of my neighbours. They invite us to have a look at their library. The main attraction in their library is the bookshelf. A furniture they don’t use only for practical purposes. The bookshelf serves not just for the classification of their books. They understand to utilize it also as a place to present their decoration pieces. Please click images to enlarge.



Where and when did you get your bookshelf from? Möbel Pfister, 30 years ago!

Did you buy it together? No, actually it was my furniture. When we moved together, I brought it with me.

Are you both responsible for setting up and decoration? We share it. My partner does the decoration and I sort the books.

When looking on your books, can I infer then for your interests and preferences for topics? The topics are not specific. So many things interest me. The book itself is valuable for me.

Do you always both agree with the decoration, or do you have sometimes to argue about this? No, we are always in agreement.

Do you change the classification of the books or the decoration? I sort the books by topics and time epochs. The decoration can change.

Who is responsible for the cleaning? Who has time, makes the cleaning. But when I want to do it, I start reading. That’s why it is more my partner who does the cleaning.









Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Do you remember the 90s? Do you also sometimes think back to that decade? I remember the 90s as a period in which the money flow just like water, many people had lots of good ideas, others had less good inspirations. Start ups sprang up like mushrooms. While only a few of them still exist today, most of them belong to the past. Everyday you could read in the newspapers about new projects and great ideas. Very popular were to build new properties, entire neighborhoods should be renewed. So it came that someone had the ambition to rebuild the waterfront warehouses of our town to lofts. It remained the ambition, nothing happened. Today we can still enjoy our time-honored docks with their industrial part but where nature always has been able to maintain its place.

In 2005, debris was washed up on one of the docks. The flotsam, called Das Schiff, wasn’t washed away but remained and is now a much frequented place where a distinguished lounging is guaranteed.

Das Schiff offers on board not only a bar and restaurant, it offers also an interesting view and carefully selected design accessories and furniture.





Below deck clubbing into the early morning hours is possible, surrounded by a great equipment.






And last but not least have a look at some images from the nature in the waterfront. All pictures in this post are taken by my friend.