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Mary and Max

Monday, December 14th, 2009

If you haven’t already seen the animated movie Mary and Max then you should do so. A lovingly made and very entertaining movie which I watched with great pleasure.

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 31

Mary and Max


As beautiful as the first time

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Last Saturday my friend and I enjoyed a movie at the cinema. The first cinema visit after a long time. Since we moved together I’m no longer a regular visitor. This is because my friend has brought his huge TV and movie library which does not leave any wishes. But last weekend after we ate with relish our doner kebab we enjoyed watching the movie 2012. I must confess I’m not really a fan of disaster movies. But I was pleasantly surprised. A very entertaining movie!  While eating popcorn and M&Ms I entered into another world. I experienced many adventures and suffered with the heroes. And after we left the cinema I said almost breathless: “Wow, this was so fun!”

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 22

Hotze Eisma


The Atelier

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Atelier 1

Before our Tunisian holiday we were invited by my friends sister and her future husband to spend an evening together. They surprised us with a delicious dinner which was followed by seeing a movie. We stayed at the atelier which is rented from my friends soon to be brother in law, a young artist. It was the first time for me being there. I was completely overwhelmed. I like places like this one very much. It started with the entering into the old house which used to be an administration building. While going upstairs and being wondering what would come next, I could smell the typically odour of older houses. The much-used wood of the stairs moaned with every step. The flat on the top floor, which is used as an atelier, has cast its spell on me immediately. So I new, this evening is going to be great.

As furniture they use a mixture of everything. Some of them they have found on the flea market, however they have stumbled against others on the street. In this way they have found some design classics, for which they had to pay almost nothing. As for example the Chair 72 by Eero Saarinen like the Chair 1-380 by Horgenglarus, which they have sawed off the legs. What comes close to a sacrilege. But this is another story. Anyway I’m a little jealous on these great pieces. While the bag of potato chips made the rounds we were watching the French movie J’ai toujours revé d’être an gangster. But you know what? The best thing about this evening were the happy looking eyes of my future sister in law when she listened to the song Casey’s last ride from Kris Kristofferson.

Atelier 2

Inspiration Collage 8

1. Person at the window by Salvator Dali, World Galery 2. Chair 1-380, Horgenglarus 3. Chair 72 by Eero Saarinen, Markanto 4. Pier Vittorio Prevedello Benny Armchair, Bonluxat 5. LYCKSELE MURBO, IKEA 6. Forecast Embarcadero Satin Nickel Four Light Chandelier, Lamps Plus 7. Lightweight, super bright, microportable projector, Epson 8. Movie poster J’ai toujours revé d’être an gangster, OutNow