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Who is Eddy Arnold?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Dear Mr. Arnold

I don’t know who you are. I even don’t know if you are still alive. I don’t google you. Therefor I have no further information than what I get from the back on the record sleeve. And that is almost nothing. I want you to stay a mystery for me. You came to me by accident. Probably not many like you as I do. Otherwise you’d never have landed on my turntable. Can you imagine that you were attached as packaging material in a box? In a box together with another LP? A LP that was purchased but you were only purposeful accompaniment. Almost unimaginable. Isn’t it? But I will take good care of you. I wont break your trusty (or do you sing rusty?) heart in two. I promise! You sound pretty scratchy according to your age. I like it though but I will ensure that the needle slides gently on you. And with your smile, your toothpaste white smile, you make me.. well, I should stop now this would go too far. But one thing remains to me to say: “Eddy, sing them again!”

My heart smiles

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

If my heart could smile, right now, it would do it. I’m listening to a song called Jaya Shiva Shankara by Namaste from the album Magical Healing Mantras. A song I would have never, never, never and again never chosen to listen if there wouldn’t be the huge amount of songs collected by my friend. So it comes that I’m listening unsuspecting to his iTunes Playlist when suddenly this song starts to play. So unexpected, really surprising myself but I didn’t skip to the next song. I started smiling while I saw in my fantasy elfin beings with flowers behind the ears to hover above a meadow.

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 27

Graham Brown Tapettitalo


Anything other than Sissi

Friday, November 13th, 2009

When Romy Schneider played the part of Sissi, she merely looked cute. It took several years until she blossomed into beauty. No superficial and meaningless beauty. The late Romy Schneider gained incessantly on charisma. An emanation which came out by the experience and emotions she was going through, since childhood. Therefor still many feel attracted to her. It may be compassion or/and experience. The strong effect of Romy Schneider is no accident and is not based solely on her acting performance. Profundity likes to feed from the less pleasant experiences in life. It is sad that she did not learn to like herself more.

Currently listening Faithless – Giving myself away

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 17

Romy Schneider


Even the monkeys laugh

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

50 years Asterix. Reason enough to use Asterix and his friends as inspiration for my next collage. But sadly it came to nothing. Only the pendant lamp fits the theme because it reminds me of the head covering of Asterix. Or maybe it just points to a dying swan.

Inspiration Collage 27

The Fashionspot Hotze Eisma


Flower nurseries are en vogue

Friday, October 16th, 2009

It’s cold outside. Inside, it’s not warmer. My feet are cold. My fingertips, too! The heaters aren’t working. I need to call the landlord. Currently I’m listening to the funny song L’amour à 3 the German version and also the French version by Stereo Total. I can’t help. But I’m dreaming of flower nurseries. Is it going to snow?

Inspiration Collage 12

Vogue 1

1. Eames DSW Side Chair, John Lewis 2. Iconic Black and Green Ceramic Table Lamp, Lamps Plus 3. Wallpaper, Vintage Wallpapers 4. Naomi Soloman by Bill Cooper, World Gallery 5. Czech mid-century pendant lamp, 1stdibs 6. Bolshoi Ballet School Picture, John Lewis 7. Flat by Piero Lissoni for Cassina,  Aram 1. and 2. Images via Vogue

The Atelier

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Atelier 1

Before our Tunisian holiday we were invited by my friends sister and her future husband to spend an evening together. They surprised us with a delicious dinner which was followed by seeing a movie. We stayed at the atelier which is rented from my friends soon to be brother in law, a young artist. It was the first time for me being there. I was completely overwhelmed. I like places like this one very much. It started with the entering into the old house which used to be an administration building. While going upstairs and being wondering what would come next, I could smell the typically odour of older houses. The much-used wood of the stairs moaned with every step. The flat on the top floor, which is used as an atelier, has cast its spell on me immediately. So I new, this evening is going to be great.

As furniture they use a mixture of everything. Some of them they have found on the flea market, however they have stumbled against others on the street. In this way they have found some design classics, for which they had to pay almost nothing. As for example the Chair 72 by Eero Saarinen like the Chair 1-380 by Horgenglarus, which they have sawed off the legs. What comes close to a sacrilege. But this is another story. Anyway I’m a little jealous on these great pieces. While the bag of potato chips made the rounds we were watching the French movie J’ai toujours revé d’être an gangster. But you know what? The best thing about this evening were the happy looking eyes of my future sister in law when she listened to the song Casey’s last ride from Kris Kristofferson.

Atelier 2

Inspiration Collage 8

1. Person at the window by Salvator Dali, World Galery 2. Chair 1-380, Horgenglarus 3. Chair 72 by Eero Saarinen, Markanto 4. Pier Vittorio Prevedello Benny Armchair, Bonluxat 5. LYCKSELE MURBO, IKEA 6. Forecast Embarcadero Satin Nickel Four Light Chandelier, Lamps Plus 7. Lightweight, super bright, microportable projector, Epson 8. Movie poster J’ai toujours revé d’être an gangster, OutNow