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Dialogue #11

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Three Wise Monkeys

S: I’ve read in a forum that women want to change their men. Am I one of these women? Am I trying to change you?

H: Nooo, not you..

S: Sometimes, I think sometimes.. You must defend yourself if I was exaggerating!

H: Do I have to?

S: They say the man would loose his appeal. I don’t want you to loose your attraction. That’s why you must stay strong.

H: But I answer back. Don’t I?

S: Do you?

H: I never switch off the bathroom light even though you hate this behavior!

This week #1

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Three Wise Monkeys

This week I enjoyed watching the movie The  Switch. It’s not only that Jennifer Aniston plays wonderfully out the stigma she got from some people because her husband left her and got a bunch of kids with another woman. It’s also the great acting of Jason Bateman, who plays a sweet and loving guy who reminds me sometimes on my own super cute man. “These ice creams are for the living room. One of the children got a milk allergy. But I have no idea which one”, says Aniston as the female main character at the end of the movie. An end, funny and amusing like the whole movie.

Worth reading, even worth reading a second time is the story The Scold’s Bridle written by Minette Walters. Yesterday I finished the excellent written criminal novel which is about a elderly brutally murdered woman. I read this book a second time because I couldn’t remember the murder. The author created different individuals which you follow deeper and deeper in their desperate lives. Lives, you don’t want to be part of it I can assure.

Next, as I decided a couple of days ago, I want to read Destructive Emotions: A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama – by Daniel Goleman. The question “How can we overcome them” sounds too promising to me.

Dialogue #10

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Three Wise Monkeys

It is a magnificent piece of furniture. Tenderly she touches the beautiful crafted wood. She wants to own this fine furniture but knows well he wouldn’t help her. She can almost hear him saying that they do not need any further furniture. But if she wants it she has to organize the transport to the fourth floor because he wouldn’t help her. Except she would pay him. And this wouldn’t be cheap. Since this is out of discussion for her she returns a third time to the thrift store. The furniture is still there. It seems to wait for her. It’s her intention to negotiate with the store manager. He is a nice gay. Attractive too. Maybe in her age. She likes self-sufficient and unobtrusive people. Presumably he would make her a good price including the transportation. But when she stands there starring at the cabinet she just keeps starring and rethinks her approach. She won’t negotiate. Because she needs his blessing. Only if he says she should buy the furniture and he will help her carrying it feels right. Anything else would be funny and wouldn’t feel right. And finally, he must also live with the furniture. And indeed, he goes with her the following Saturday to the store.

H: Mmh..

S: Sigh..

H: Nice wood..

S: The quality, it’s just.. sigh..

H: Lots of drawers..

S: You like drawers..

H: It’s big!

S: Room enough for all our laundry!

H: Mmh..

S: Well, it’s really big.

H: It is. But if you want it you can have it. And I will help you!

S: Really? You make  me so happy with this!

H: I like this furniture too.

S: You know what? I’m fine the way it is. I don’t need this cabinet. The very fact I could have had it makes me very happy.

Dialogue #9

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Three Wise Monkeys

S: I don’t like anymore our book case. I’m sick of it. And somehow it doesn’t fit here. What do you think?

H: I think it sounds like hard work. Reason enough to change anything.

S: You’re the man in the house. It’s your job to carry heavy objects.

H: In principle I don’t carry heavy objects.

S: You would do it for me.

H: What are you doing for me?

S: I always make your coffee.

H: If so I’d like some coffee.

S: Right now I’m not in the mood to make coffee.

Dialogue #7

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

S: Do you know how much it would cost to get married by a priest outside the church? It’s a fortune! So I’m considering weather we should be married in a church.

H: We have decided together not to marry in a church.

S: Yes, we did. But the way we want it is really very expensive.

H: I won’t marry in a church.

S: Basel has got some nice churches..

H: What about my right to have a say?

S: Maybe we really should rethink our decision?

H: I want to get married naked!

S: –

H: –

S: May I wear a fig leave?

Dialogue #6

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

S: I’m bubbling over with ideas. I would like to set up our bedroom. I’m thinking of a pink carpet and rust colored curtains.

H: If you get a pink carpet I want a cowhide.

S: I would like that too.

H: In that case I want bed linen printed with racing cars.