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Unexpected and welcome

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

There are things happening in life. As surprising changes no one expects. Not because one would not dare to hope. Simply because, yes, simply because she had not the faintest idea that this even could be a possibility. But it occurred to her. It took place two days ago. On the street she meets by chance a relative. He is only a few years older. She is impressed. He looks like his father. Moves like his father. Apparently he has the same habit too. Like his father, he likes to adjust his waistband. He really is a nice guy.


Well blow me down

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Monkeys. Evolution. Separation from humans of apes. Believers have a different view. That’s OK. Monkeys are being held. Held by modern man. Believers and non believers keep monkeys in cages. They abuse them. They torture them. And at last they kill them. If the poor animals haven’t already died from the effects of animal testing. The lucky among them may still live in their natural habitat. While the less blessed may serve their time in zoos. Which of course is equal to a lottery prize compared to the ones who are doomed to live in a laboratory. Some of them are shown on TV. On this occasion she can watch how the monkeys socialize. They groom each other. Intrigued and entranced she is watching them delouse one another. These animals understand how to maintain family ties. She wants to take care of family ties too. Maybe by asking: “may I delouse you”? Well, perhaps better not. She could try it different. How about “may I do your nails”? She has popped that question. And you know what? It felt so good!

Faces in the staircase

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

08:55 am. The sound of the ringing church bells floats over the rooftops of the city and sometimes wanders through open kitchen windows into apartments. 09:00 am. The volume has increased to its highlight and competes with the chirping of birds. No curtain adorns the kitchen window thus the gentle breeze slides over the leaves of a poor poinsettia. The plant still manages to keep alive by resisting the bad treatment through the owner. It’s a morning like any other. On the surface! But there is more. She is alone in the apartment and resolves to do some homework. Surrounded by a feeling she can’t put into words she enters the staircase with the dirty laundry. The fine fragrance of her neighbours perfume still lies in the air and flatters her sense of smell when she realizes she is wrong when thinking being alone. They are looking at her! Silent. And she stares back. Overcome by awe of this wonderful shadow play on the wall.

Middle finger

Monday, June 7th, 2010

This is not about a lamp. This is about compromises. Justice and giving pleasure too. And just as it is about an unpicturesque perspective. But above all it is about a story. A story that must be told. Therefore, from the beginning. One day, she doesn’t remember if it’s been a sunny day. Neither she does remember if it’s been warm or cold outside. But probably it was cold at that time. Anyway, the only thing she still knows is the moment when she snuck up from behind him. It’s a typical scene. He is concentrated on something he sees on the monitor. To focused when it comes to her. Because she wants his attention she wants to do what she loves to do. It’s not fair maybe it’s even childish. But she loves to frighten him. An average medium breathy “Puh” in his ear should be enough to get the eagerly desired attention. The mouth already close to his left ear she catches a glimpse on the monitor. And what she sees there changes everything.

She can not believe her eyes. But a further glance in his face tells the truth. Not only the truth but the bitterly truth. He likes it. He wants it. That’s why she recapitulates. If he can live with all the old and smelly furniture then she can live with Johnny Cash giving his finger!

On a good neighborhood

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Later that day she would give a neighbor a rose. But right now she pushes her new treasure back home. The wheels of the trolley are causing noise on the pavement. And with the wheels on cobblestones, it gets worse. Still, she has one mile to go. One mile which she walks light footed despite appendage. After walking upstream and crossing the bridge she reaches the city center. Accompanied by the warm sun and the refreshing and spring smelling air she parks the borrowed trolley in front of her house. Her neighbor is already waiting for her. As agreed in advance. But the two women struggle with the door which will not remain open. Suddenly another resident comes downstairs. He wants to keep the front door open. But then without warning he heaves the heavy piece of furniture on his right shoulder and climbs the stair. And even though he had just spoken of his injured elbow! In the evening after work she lays back looking with joy at her new treasure, thinking thankfully of her neighbors which are very important for her well-being.

Patience brings flowers

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

She can wait. Patiently and with confidence. To enforce and at any cost isn’t what she believes in. The price usually is much too high. And longanimity can bring many advantages. Pleasant anticipation is one of them just to name one. Kind of appetizer before main course. But nothing beats the uncertainty. Many sometimes strong emotions come with the dubiety. And when the time has come and uncertainty resolves in certainty she knows the confidence pays off. When she finally finds the bowl she has been looking and waiting for she enjoys her thrifty find even more than usual. But above all she sees in this last experience the confirmation that patience and confidence are truly powerful tools in life.