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Faces in the staircase

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

08:55 am. The sound of the ringing church bells floats over the rooftops of the city and sometimes wanders through open kitchen windows into apartments. 09:00 am. The volume has increased to its highlight and competes with the chirping of birds. No curtain adorns the kitchen window thus the gentle breeze slides over the leaves of a poor poinsettia. The plant still manages to keep alive by resisting the bad treatment through the owner. It’s a morning like any other. On the surface! But there is more. She is alone in the apartment and resolves to do some homework. Surrounded by a feeling she can’t put into words she enters the staircase with the dirty laundry. The fine fragrance of her neighbours perfume still lies in the air and flatters her sense of smell when she realizes she is wrong when thinking being alone. They are looking at her! Silent. And she stares back. Overcome by awe of this wonderful shadow play on the wall.

Cherry tree bloom

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The Huntress

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

The tram slows the drive until it comes to a standstill. The gliding doors open and people enter the waggons while others leave. Simultaneously with the sound of the departing tram she stretches the arm after the door handle. The door opens with a slight resistance. Meanwhile she turns off the road and enters a different world the tram almost reaches its next stop. The doorway closes with a loud bang behind her as she nods to the employee which stands behind the sales counter. She is not the first time here. And even today she is here to hunt. But she is not alone. A handful of like-minded people are already present. Following her instincts she picks up the track. On silent feet she roams the familiar terrain. She knows each corner. Nothing escapes her. And today her patience pays off. With bristling neck hair she stacks the treasure. And takes possession of it. Some competitors are watching attentive but remain at a respectful distance. They know when to admit defeat. After successful negotiations with the former owner she leaves the house to catch the next tram right at the station in front of the thrift store.

Dear Ashley

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

You’ve got something that attracts me. And it’s not only me who can feel it. Other creatures can see it too. And even though you are one of the discreet. You don’t cry for attention. And you know how to stay in the background. And yet you can be sure of my attention. Every darkness can be lighten up through you. The soft light of the dust must not fear your competition. Because you only want to be an addition. After the sunrise you retreat only to wait patiently until sunset. Let me call you Ashley. I think this name, according to your creator, fits well with you. Please do not now think I was crazy. Only because I talk to you. But I think as long as I do not expect any answer from you it can’t be that worse with me. Right?

One red rose

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Images by Three Wise Monkeys

Photographic eye

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Me. My friend. Camera Sigma dp-2. My friends photographic eye. No flash. Long exposure time. New impressions. Known rediscover. Creative transformation.

Inspiration 1

Inspiration Collage 7

Inspiration 2

Inspiration 3

Inspiration 4

1. Philippe Starck for Kartell Eros Chair, Black, John Lewis 2. Burkhard Dämmer Icon Lamp, Bonluxat 3. Summer Evening by Edward Hopper, WorldGallery 4. Hee low chair HAY-1005, SCP 5. taraxacum 88, hive modern 6. SKITTLE, Habitat