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I'm Michaela. This is my place for my writings, my home, my thrift shop finds, and whatever inspires me.

Dialogue #3

S: The wedding is next Saturday!

H: Already?

S: I still have no dress.  And you need a new tie.

H: I got a tie.

S: It’s a black one. We are not going to a funeral.

H: And the present?

S: What present? We […]

Dialogue #2

S: I don’t think she’s right.

H: –

S: You and me, I don’t think we have a lot in common.

H: –

S: We accept each other the way we are. We care. Well, we share that humour is an important part in our relationship. What […]

Dialogue #1

She gets off the sofa.

“I’ll be back in a minute. You can continue watching the movie.”

He presses the pause button.

“You find this movie boring.”

She looks at him surprised.

“How do you know?”

“You don’t want me to press the pause button!”

On a good neighborhood

Later that day she would give a neighbor a rose. But right now she pushes her new treasure back home. The wheels of the trolley are causing noise on the pavement. And with the wheels on cobblestones, it gets worse. Still, she has one mile to go. One mile which she walks light […]

Patience brings flowers

She can wait. Patiently and with confidence. To enforce and at any cost isn’t what she believes in. The price usually is much too high. And longanimity can bring many advantages. Pleasant anticipation is one of them just to name one. Kind of appetizer before main course. But nothing beats the uncertainty. Many […]

Love is

Love is when he lives with furniture and gadgets which he would never have bought by himself. Love is when he lives surrounded by dusty and old things with sign of wear which sometimes smell of Grandma’s closet, even though he prefers it new and odorless. Love is when he says he likes […]