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The Huntress

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

The tram slows the drive until it comes to a standstill. The gliding doors open and people enter the waggons while others leave. Simultaneously with the sound of the departing tram she stretches the arm after the door handle. The door opens with a slight resistance. Meanwhile she turns off the road and enters a different world the tram almost reaches its next stop. The doorway closes with a loud bang behind her as she nods to the employee which stands behind the sales counter. She is not the first time here. And even today she is here to hunt. But she is not alone. A handful of like-minded people are already present. Following her instincts she picks up the track. On silent feet she roams the familiar terrain. She knows each corner. Nothing escapes her. And today her patience pays off. With bristling neck hair she stacks the treasure. And takes possession of it. Some competitors are watching attentive but remain at a respectful distance. They know when to admit defeat. After successful negotiations with the former owner she leaves the house to catch the next tram right at the station in front of the thrift store.

Who is Eddy Arnold?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Dear Mr. Arnold

I don’t know who you are. I even don’t know if you are still alive. I don’t google you. Therefor I have no further information than what I get from the back on the record sleeve. And that is almost nothing. I want you to stay a mystery for me. You came to me by accident. Probably not many like you as I do. Otherwise you’d never have landed on my turntable. Can you imagine that you were attached as packaging material in a box? In a box together with another LP? A LP that was purchased but you were only purposeful accompaniment. Almost unimaginable. Isn’t it? But I will take good care of you. I wont break your trusty (or do you sing rusty?) heart in two. I promise! You sound pretty scratchy according to your age. I like it though but I will ensure that the needle slides gently on you. And with your smile, your toothpaste white smile, you make me.. well, I should stop now this would go too far. But one thing remains to me to say: “Eddy, sing them again!”

Swan neck and shrinkage lack

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I love every day. Yesterday wasn’t an exception. Yesterday really has been good to me. First I found on the Internet a solution to fix our camera. Really, but I was surprised by myself. A huge success. I was researching by looking for the error message. And I couldn’t believe it but I found a forum only for this kind of error message related to our camera model. And the solution: give the camera to your strong men, which shouldn’t be careful with it, in the contrary, a rough handling is needed. After my friend shook and hit the camera several times the zoom lens was expendable again and the error message was gone.

And with our repaired camera I can take pictures from my yesterday finds. When I saw the two lamps, probably both from the 60s, my endorphin level raised. Two lovely vintage pieces. Just an eye candy, the desk lamp with its metallic colour and elegant swan neck with a brown shrinkage lack food. The wall lamp, which was used in the past as an outdoor light, what you could see on the residues of dead moths, is although stunningly beautiful.



Just a chair

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

This post’s title should have read “Red Alert”. But then I changed my mind. Not only about the title but also about the remodelling. A couple of weeks ago one of my finds was a chair. One of those classical wooden chairs I have been looking for a quit long time. We’ve had the idea to put a chair next to our Cees Braakman storage in our bedroom. On this chair we want to put the clothes we’ve been wearing during the day. I have always wanted a red chair. But when I saw the Basel Chair of Jasper Morrison I decided only to paint some parts of our classy piece. Another reason not to paint the hole chair is found in my bad conscience. Somehow it did not feel right to cover it up completely. Ah, and I have chosen “Just a chair” as title because I think it is anything but just a chair, which I needed time to find. This chair is an old furniture and who knows who else has been sitting on it. Absolutely happy I’m about the felt foot protection with nails which you can hammer in the wood (felt foot protection and gloss paint Tango are from OBI).





One of my passions

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

The wall-hung cabinet seems not to be popular anymore. You can hardly find these kind of furniture. There are some models on the market but mostly big ones. So let me tell you about one of my furniture passions. When I glimpse on my find tours a small wall-hung cabinet my heartbeat starts going faster. And for many years this has happened only two times! Of course I have bought both finds. I love these kind of furniture because it looks so elegant, doesn’t need lots of space but gives you storage space. We use both pieces of furniture in our entry. Our entrance is a narrow room with high ceilings which only looks good with small furniture. My friend and I like to empty our pockets and to put away the small change when we come home. And therefore the drawer of the wall-hung cabinet is excellent. Furthermore the storage is a nice supplement for the future wall decoration. Which includes amongst other things the wall-lamp, when the remodeling is done.

About the kind of the wall decoration I’m not sure yet. Sometimes I think the style of the roaring twenties would be great. The only thing I know is that the decoration pieces should not be heavy and dark. The furniture with its solid wood needs bright and light things and perhaps even a playful decoration. Everything is open. But I’m sure the search is going to be fun.





Sleeping Beauty

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I’m kind of frustrated. Well, maybe just impatient. I want to be the saver of Sleeping Beauty. I want to be the princess who kisses the frog to become a prince. I want to awake Snow White. I really, really want to be the surgeon of my elderly lady to give her a facelift. I really want.. I know, I have to be patient. I should be uncomplaining and wait for the delivery of the necessary ingredients. I’ll do it. But in the meantime I have to share my lovely lady.

Sleeping Beauty 1Sleeping Beauty 2Sleeping Beauty 3