Hello and Welcome

I'm Michaela. This is my place for my writings, my home, my thrift shop finds, and whatever inspires me.

The Huntress

The tram slows the drive until it comes to a standstill. The gliding doors open and people enter the waggons while others leave. Simultaneously with the sound of the departing tram she stretches the arm after the door handle. The door opens with a slight resistance. Meanwhile she turns off the road and […]

Who is Eddy Arnold?

Dear Mr. Arnold

I don’t know who you are. I even don’t know if you are still alive. I don’t google you. Therefor I have no further information than what I get from the back on the record sleeve. And that is almost nothing. I want you to stay a mystery for […]

Swan neck and shrinkage lack

I love every day. Yesterday wasn’t an exception. Yesterday really has been good to me. First I found on the Internet a solution to fix our camera. Really, but I was surprised by myself. A huge success. I was researching by looking for the error message. And I couldn’t believe it but I […]

Just a chair

This post’s title should have read “Red Alert”. But then I changed my mind. Not only about the title but also about the remodelling. A couple of weeks ago one of my finds was a chair. One of those classical wooden chairs I have been looking for a quit long time. We’ve had […]

One of my passions

The wall-hung cabinet seems not to be popular anymore. You can hardly find these kind of furniture. There are some models on the market but mostly big ones. So let me tell you about one of my furniture passions. When I glimpse on my find tours a small wall-hung cabinet my heartbeat starts […]

Sleeping Beauty

I’m kind of frustrated. Well, maybe just impatient. I want to be the saver of Sleeping Beauty. I want to be the princess who kisses the frog to become a prince. I want to awake Snow White. I really, really want to be the surgeon of my elderly lady to give her a […]