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Piece by piece

Friday, July 31st, 2009

I have never thought about a wardrobe. Until my friend moved in. Suddenly we struggeld with more clothes and shoes and we required additional storage space. Then we started toying with the idea of making a wardrobe on our stairway. From then on we were looking for suitable and nice furniture. And allways by accident we found piece by piece:

We spoted the IKEA HEMNES storage bench in the children’s department. The bench is perfect for sitting down while putting on your shoes, and it is not too big but nevertheless provides enough storage space. The second-hand wall-hung coat rack is very old fashioned but ideal for remodelling. And then of course the vintage mirror with its crystal glass mirror. When I saw it I just felt in love with it. And I knew this is going to be our mirror which gives the final touches to our new wardrobe. The gloss paints we bought in OBI. With painting the wall-hung coat rack (Pesto) and storage bench (Biscuit) we want to give the furniture a personal note.

Wardrobe piece for piece

I enjoyed very much the time when we were sanding and painting the furniture. My friend and I worked concentrated while sitting on the floor in the stairway and meanwhile, we were all the more excited and curious about the result.

Bench 1Wardrobe 2Wardrobe Bench 3

Wardrobe Bench Mirror