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Flowers everywhere

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Even in my heart. My friends sister and I have much in common. Including our preference for lamps. And when she and her friend gave me a lamp which they would liked to keep themself but thought it would make me happy, they were right. What a lovely lamp. I will take good care of it. The beautiful Roses are from dear friends.

Mary and Max

Monday, December 14th, 2009

If you haven’t already seen the animated movie Mary and Max then you should do so. A lovingly made and very entertaining movie which I watched with great pleasure.

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 31

Mary and Max


Coat hanger and other things

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Last Saturday was a very special day for me. Not only because we were walking several hours through town while talking or just enjoying the atmosphere. One of the events that happened, not the most important of the day, but also a nice one was when I found two vintage coat hangers. While strolling through the streets I discovered a thrift store I had never been in but probably already heard about. A rich source of vintage and old fashioned furniture and lots of other items. I guess my eyes got a greedy expression at the sight of the many things. However, the coat hanger which I use in my collage would be a wonderful alternative.

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 28

Harlequin Sandra Lane


My heart smiles

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

If my heart could smile, right now, it would do it. I’m listening to a song called Jaya Shiva Shankara by Namaste from the album Magical Healing Mantras. A song I would have never, never, never and again never chosen to listen if there wouldn’t be the huge amount of songs collected by my friend. So it comes that I’m listening unsuspecting to his iTunes Playlist when suddenly this song starts to play. So unexpected, really surprising myself but I didn’t skip to the next song. I started smiling while I saw in my fantasy elfin beings with flowers behind the ears to hover above a meadow.

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 27

Graham Brown Tapettitalo


Today is the day

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Good intentions are not enough. They’ve never put an onion in the soup yet (Sonya Levien).

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 26

Wai Lin Tse


Perception and habit

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

One last look in the mirror before leaving the house. For many, this ritual has become very important. Satisfied with ones own outward appearance may be reassuring to the inner constitution. Or at least not generate new problems. As good as it feels to leave the house when you are happy with your outward appearance it may so much feeling better coming home again and to take off the shoes.

Three Wise Monkeys Inspiration Collage 15An entrance is predestined for refurnishing or just redecorating. Almost like a new dress. It makes fun and needs not to be expensive or complex. Minor changes can allready make a difference. And if not everything is in it’s usual place it can mean a challenge for the perception and habit, too. Almost as if a right-handed starts with the left to write. Or when suddenly the lamp stands at a different location and therefor the light switch is not anymore in it’s usual place. This can be very confusing but also a welcoming change.

Currently I’m listening to Glam FM Hit Classic Radio which is playing a superb mix of classic hits and oldies. Right now they are playing I’m not scared from Eight wonder. Wonderful! Well, I’m wondering about myself. I like to listen again to songs from the 80s. What can I say? Obviously it’s the influence of my friend!

The fashion spot Gemma Ward